The Zink Flash – Big Bang – Creation

I’m sure a lot of you have already heard the theory that we are the universe? What if I told you is was not a theory yet the actual truth.

A few years ago scientists, doing what they should (observing) captured the moment the sperm breached the egg setting off what they call the ‘Zinc Flash”

The “Zinc flash” refers to the moment when a sperm successfully penetrates an egg during fertilization. This event is called “Zinc” because the sperm releases zinc ions as it enters the egg, which triggers a series of chemical reactions that lead to the activation of the egg and the formation of a fertilized zygote. This process is essential for the beginning of human life.

My Theory

This Avatar we are gifted with is made up of 6 Neutrons, 6 Protons, 6 Electrons = An Atom (Adam) of CARBON -12. The building blocks of life. We are 666 the Holy books refers to.

With this, the Avatar also has on average 37.2 Trillion cells, each cell containing 0.07 millivolts of electricity. 37.2 (Cells) x 0.07 (Electricity) = 2.604 Trillion volts of electricity. A walking Atom (Adam) bomb.

The Zinc Spark is the Big Bang, the Atom (Adam) Bomb. A creation of divine order from chaos producing a light being. Endless possibilities of consciousness from everything that has been and everything that is to come.

I find it all a little to coincidental that the Symbol for Zinc is Zn and how it all sits in perfect with the ancient teachings of ZEN.

There is a lot more to explore here with the concept that the sperm is the same structure at the spine and brain attached. So stay tuned as in time I will dive further into this research to offer everyone a more open minded view on how we are all connected to nature and the universe as one.

Yort Knight.



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