Yort Knight

Owner – Creator – Developer
www.honortilltheend.com – coming soon
State – Vic
Country – Australia
Truth Seeker – Freedom Fighter
Star Seed & Spirit Warrior

I know the past few years for many have been rather challenging to put it lightly. Choosing or being chosen to go down this spiritual path is not for the faint hearted at all.

Many of us already come from an extremely broken past with addiction, abuse, feeling used and taking advantage of and now with all that, to go through many Dark Nights of the Soul, Shadow Work, Inner Healing, Child-hood Trauma along with trying to let go of the 3D matrix system our Souls have been a slave to for so long. Its been a RIDE!

This is why we were chosen… Remind yourself every day how amazing you are. With over 8 billion characters within the system, you were chosen to break the generational curse. All those years of pain and heartbreak were a test, a worrier in the making. Stand tall KINGS and QUEENS.

My aim is to bring everyone together into the one place. There are some amazing Souls out there doing incredible work to help raise the vibration of the collective. Together with love and compassion for all, we can achieve anything.

Not one Soul has all the answers, yet as a collective, the impossible becomes possible.

Eye am the Collective was developed for all to come together and share your experience and wisdom you have gained over this journey so far. Allow others to see they are not alone and we all go through similar situations in our life. Never be afraid to stand up and speak your truth.

You… Yes, you have a message others need to hear. Open your heart, remove all fear and embrace the true uniqueness of your Soul. Connect with others, share your stories and we can all learn from each other to help everyone this path.

Even the Truth Seekers have been woken to share the true nature of our past and not the lies told by HIS-STORY. We welcome you to share all the research you have done so others can see how deep the programing goes.

From my Soul to Yours xo

Yort Knight


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