The one thing I noticed when going on this journey, is the massive drive to focus on my body… Your diet is not only what you eat, but what you watch, listen to and allow into your space as it all has an affect on your health and vibration.

So, Ill be adding to this as I go to share with other souls what I have learned along the way and some tips and tricks to help kick start your journey into becoming the best you.

Calorie Deficit is a must. I didn’t get this to start with, I just thought the less I consumed the better I would be. It just doesn’t work like that.

Calorie Deficit Formula

Target Weight (Pounds) x12 is your maintenance target

Example 180 (82kg) x 12 = 2160 Cals per day

2160 - 20% = 1728 Calories Per Day - A 432 Cal Deficit.

2160 - 30% = 1512 Calories Per Day - A 648 Cal Deficit.

The maintenance target is the amount of calories you can eat without gaining any weight. This is what your body burns each day naturally just by being you.

Notice how I mentioned Target Weight? If you want to loose weight, you need to focus on your target weight and work from there. Your Calorie Deficit should be around 20% – 30% less than your maintenance intake. Without exercise, this will allow you to slowly loose some body fat with choosing a better eating habit than what you have been doing. Once you add on the exercise, it makes a massive difference. 

You also need to focus on Protein. Making sure you have enough protein during the day so you build muscle nutrition not loose it on your journey. 

Protein Formula

Target Weight (Pounds) x 0.6 is your daily Protein intake

Example - 180 (82kg) x 0.6 = 108 grams of Protein per day