Thank you for stopping by the Support Us page… Please note, I will never message anyone direct regarding support for EYE am the Collective or any group I am apart of unless for promotional purpose only. If you come across this, please report it to Yort Knight through any one of the contact options on this site.

There are 3 main ways to support us, our vision and efforts.

1 – ONLINE SHOP. When this is up and running, make sure you check it out. I will be setting up a range of items from Clothing, Hats, Stickers, Books, Crystals, Design Prints and much more.

2 – GET PROMOTED. We would love to promote your content throughout our site and show the gifts and skills you have been given to the Collective. Check out the Content Creators Page for more info and let’s start working together!

2 – DONATE. Through the ‘PayPal‘ or ‘Buy Me a Coffee‘ buttons below. Only do this if you can afford to. I am not willing to accept any gifts from people who are struggling. Always look after you first.

All money made / raised through EYE am the Collective goes towards

THE SITE – Upkeep of the site and continuing to provide as much information as possible to the Collective on the matrix system and how to remove yourself from it. Along with any reporting or content highlighting the truth of our past and the corruption within the current system.

GIVEAWAYS – We will be running giveaway programs every month. This will be set up to help Content Creators out by paying for coaching sessions and or books from your favorite Creators. Be sure to keep an EYE out when we run them.

MENTAL HEALTH – Long term my goal is to set up Men’s & Women’s Mental Health along with Homelessness support programs and for those who are struggling. If you would like to be a part of this program within your own community moving forward, please contact Yort Knight and lets work together in the service of others in need.

Support through PayPal. 

Support through Buy me a Coffee

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